Diane’s work is profound. It goes beyond talk therapy to deeper levels of being to help release and transform old wounds. She is empathic and loving and creates a safe space for healing. I highly recommend her services to my patients.
— Dr. Richard Horowitz
The best teachers do not “instruct”; rather they make available to us the insights, information and tools that we may use to learn and understand for ourselves. With Diane I learned the power of the mind/body connection and the ways in which I held all my mental and emotional pain in my body, as well as all the things I was doing in the way I held myself physically that exacerbated my issues. Diane has been my ally in helping myself to see clearly, and to release the things that are no longer useful. From the moment I walked into her sacred, healing space she lavished me with loving kindness and compassion.
— Suzanne Cranston
My work with Diane has evolved over the course of years, from management of severe back pain due to ruptured discs to healing work on the most personal level through the mind-body connection. Each encounter with Diane’s work is a gift and a joy and I continue to be grateful for her professional support.
— Rebecca Collins
Diane’s unique work creatively bridges the borders between the body, psyche and spiritual development. We are fortunate to have such a gifted healer in our community and I recommend Diane without reservation.
— Rob Sanducci PhD Founder: Mind Body Center
Diane is a magical healer. I go to Diane knowing I will leave more integrated, balanced and present. I look forward to spending sacred, relaxing and rejuvenating time with her. Thank you, Diane.
— Lisa Murrell, Co-Founder, MetaSystem Consulting Group
Diane’s magical hands dance through your energy-field—clearing, balancing and bringing a profound sense of presence. She is a woman of enormous integrity and is impeccable in her commitment to her clients and to the transformational potential of the healing process.
— Carol Robin, DC, CCN
My bodywork with Diane is a time I treasure. I quietly connect with my body and, in the process of a wonderful experience, bring a consciousness to my whole being. I feel grounded, reconnected and rebalanced.
— Diane Schoonmaker
For anyone working deeply, Diane is a trusted ally. She is totally present, highly skilled and draws on many traditions. She respects one’s process, wherever it leads. Her company on my journey has been a blessing.
— Susan Willson, CNM
When I receive Reiki from Diane, I feel as though I am receiving a gift of spiritual, emotional and physical healing. Diane brings warmth and sunshine to my heart . She channels her many gifts through love, care and respect for her clients.
— Carol Schultz
With her gift of healing, Diane has enabled me to live a life with almost no pain where I used to be a weekly migraine sufferer. Her intuition and guidance have helped me on my path to find inner peace. Diane is a person for whom I will always be grateful.
— Johanna Husta
Diane has mde me feel rejuvenated, with an extra spring in my step. She is very meticulous and is always concerned with the impact of her work on your body, your mind, and your overall well being. Diane is a wonderful healer with patience, a great attitude and a positive approach to resolving your pains, mentally and physically.
— Patrice Brice