Reverend Diane Epstein is a gifted healer who provides compassion and skilled support. Her protocol for preparing people for surgery aids tremendously in releasing fear and anxiety, promoting a state of mind that is optimum for healing. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to my patients.
— Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman M.D. FACS, Chief, Division of Breast Surgery Vivian L. Milstein Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery, Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons
My experience with Diane was wonderful, amazing and perfect!
Having her at my surgery was the best decision I made. She never left my side. With my eyes closed she took me on a journey of courage, strength and self-healing.

Going through anything monumental with the right frame of mind can help manifest the courage and strength one needs. Diane assisted me as I went through my process with her gentle expertise and kind ways.
I most definitely recommend Diane and Reiki during surgery to anyone that can allow themselves to be open to the magic!
— Donna Maher
Working with Diane Epstein was the first, best choice I made when beginning the process of dealing with my cancer diagnosis. Our work helped me to navigate the onslaught of reports coming fast and furious. I was able to gain a much-needed perspective: (and) encouraged to choose each step of what I had to do to get well. My body was no longer a silent partner with cancer.

Because of my stage four diagnosis I chose aggressive treatment, aware of the possible side effects. Diane helped me to stay empowered in the process of healing my body. She also gave me the space and guidance to find my voice, my images, to guide me to recovery. Cancer is a difficult path, a difficult mountain to climb, but with Diane as my guide I feel transformed into a better self. It was not “time out of my life” but an integral part of my life. I am so grateful for Diane’s sharing of her gifts of Transformational Healing and Transforming Surgery with me.
— Carol Dwyer
With only a few days left before surgery Diane was kind enough to work with me, even outside her scheduled hours. Within moments of meeting with her I felt she clearly understood not only my fears about surgery but also the spiritual void I was experiencing. She could so clearly and correctly see how I was “pissed at God.” She gave me all the time I needed to express the doubts and misgivings of faith I was having along with the anxiety over the impending operation. She then worked with me using the principles of Process Acupressure and guided imagery. During these sessions, with Diane’s help, I was able to reach a sense of peace and relaxation. Using the exercises she suggested these feelings stayed with me right up to the time of my surgery. Yes, I did have a certain, small degree of anxiety on the day of the operation but it truly was minimal for I was sincerely aware of having, finally, a deeper sense of solace. I felt better able to face the surgery and whatever followed.

This was my very first experience with “alternative” treatments but I was so grateful that my desperate need for solace overrode any initial skepticism I had. Of course, I am hoping that I will never have to go through such an experience again, but if I do, I now know where I can go to find the help I need. I have not forgotten how greatly Diane’s warmth, understanding and work helped me.
— Mel Donaldson
Diane Epstein worked with me for several months after my cancer diagnosis, accompanied me during my 12 hour surgery and is currently helping me in the recovery process. Her unique way of working addresses the physical, emotional, rational and spiritual aspects of illness and recovery. With a combination of great compassion, strong intuition and a deep understanding of human physiology and psychology Diane guides her clients toward an understanding of and engagement with their illness. She is a wise advisor, a compassionate, understanding companion and a gifted healer. My work with Diane prepared me to go into the operating room without fear. Her presence before, during and after the surgery was a source of comfort and strength to me and my husband. Diane’s help is ‘the rose in the fisted glove’ of illness.
— Paula Bojarsky
I’d been avoiding having a colonoscopy for five years—as a survivor of sexual abuse, the procedure seemed far too invasive and traumatic to me—but, when I finally realized that I couldn’t put it off any more, I turned to Diane Epstein and Transforming Your Surgery. With Diane’s invaluable help, I re-framed the procedure so that, instead of being dragged, kicking and screaming, through an unpleasant experience, I could make a conscious choice to treat the procedure as a liberating journey: an exercise in personal power and life transformation. When the morning of the procedure arrived, I was astonishingly relaxed and confident. Everything went perfectly, on every level, and I am extraordinarily grateful to Diane. She is a genuine healer and helper: skilled, compassionate and wise.
— Anonymous
Diane’s work is profound. It goes beyond talk therapy to deeper levels of being to help release and transform old wounds. She is empathic and loving, and creates a safe space for healing. I highly recommend her services to my patients.
— Dr. Richard Horowitz Board Certified in Internal Medicine Director Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center Hyde Park New York
I simply do not have enough words to describe how much I was transformed by working with Diane in preparing for my cervical spine surgery. All the fear and dread I was feeling was soothed away by Diane’s caring, loving and peaceful vibrations. She reached me on every level of my being—physical, mental, psychological and spiritual—with great understanding and skill. From a place of fear, terror and anxiety when I first started working with Diane, I was able to enter the operating room with a strong sense of hope, positive expectation and security. The outcome was completely successful. She stood like a guiding light by my side throughout our work together. She is a masterful healer.
— Joyce Kaessinger
I had the fortuitous opportunity to do energy and visualization work with Diane before, during and after my breast surgery. I found this work cleared me of depression and anxiety, as well as saving me from postoperative nausea. I strongly recommend this healing journey for other women facing surgery.
— Angel Ortloff
I have known Diane Epstein for over 10 years, and have always known that any patient that I referred to her was in the most skillful and trustworthy hands. Her work with people preparing for and moving through surgery is truly inspired. She masterfully weaves a field of safety, caring and peace, gently encouraging your fullest healing potential. If I ever need surgery, Diane will be by my side.
— Carol Robin DC CCN
Diane is a healer of great integrity. The container she creates is utterly safe. This allows for release and realignment at a core level, so that healing unfolds gently, guided by the deep wisdom of the body. To have Diane as an ally through the surgery process is to transform it from one of intervention to deep healing.
— Susan Willson CNM
Diane’s powerful and healing presence during my surgery was a profound experience. I went into the operating room without fear, knowing that my body and soul were safe, and that I would emerge both healed and transformed. I was right. I am forever grateful.
— Beth Morris