Transforming Your Surgery arose out of my experiences as an energy healer and body worker. As I was helping clients who were having surgery or other medical treatments, I found that too often the experience was one of trauma, fear and loss. The images that many of us hold around medical procedures are often images of wounding, violation and devastation.

Our bodies respond to these negative images and can then become wounded, violated and devastated. If we can instead see our medical process as a healing, an opportunity to lovingly release what is no longer working toward our health, then our bodies can be cleansed, strengthened and empowered.

I have worked as an energy healer for people going through medical procedures at hospitals in the Hudson Valley and New York City. My experience has been that when imagery and energy work are used during surgery and recovery, there is a significant decrease in pain, the use of pain medication, and time in the recovery room.

People who have worked with me have noted profound benefits in their rate of recovery, overall healing and their sense of health and well-being. My intent is to provide a new option for people undergoing surgery — an opportunity to make your surgical experience one of true healing and transformation.

My Services

IN THE WEEKS BEFORE surgery we create imagery together to prepare your body and spirit. Energy balancing helps to minimize trauma and allow you to open to your fullest healing potential.

WHEN IT IS POSSIBLE I work with clients in the operating room throughout the surgery, monitoring and maintaining the flow of healing energy through the body.

IN THE RECOVERY ROOM I use energy work to help reduce pain, clear the effects of anesthesia, and speed up the healing process.

AFTER SURGERY imagery, energy work and gentle manipulation help to accelerate healing, prevent scar tissue contractures and improve movement and lymphatic drainage.

Phone Sessions

I’m also available for phone sessions for people who live too far away to come to my office. This is a wonderful way to receive my work and relax about the distance between us.


Within moments of meeting Diane I felt she clearly understood not only my fears about surgery but also the spiritual void I was experiencing.