Expect the Unexpected

Once upon a time…

I have a new mantra I want to share with you—but first a little back story.  This past year has been extremely stressful for many reasons.  It felt like a surreal dream where every path was a dead end, every room had no door or window:  no escape, no change.  It was as if the river of life had dried up and the landscape was barren and desolate.  Sound dreary?  It was—except for the fact that I’ve stayed connected to spirit, love and immense amounts of gratitude.  Given all that as the backdrop, the other day I received a phone call:  good news from an unexpected place.  I’d never dreamed thatI would receive such a call.  It uplifted me because it was unanticipated.  The joy of receiving from a surprising source affected me deeply.  I kept saying excitedly to my husband, “This is so unexpected!  This is so unexpected!”

This profound delight began a personal process about expectations:  great ones.  What if I went through my day expecting the unexpected in the very best way?  I know many of us have been programed to presume the worst—waiting in dread for the other shoe to drop.  I don’t live my life that way.  But what if I put my energy into expecting the most wonderful unexpected events: creating a portal to what I can’t even imagine.  I’ve been experimenting with this idea and the results feel wonderful.  It’s as if the concept of making room for the Unpredictable Good hasactually made room for it.  I’ve noticed that almost every day something unforeseen has occurred: it might be very small and not have a lot of significance, but it’s satisfying and fun.  Best of all, it uplifts me in this new and delicious way.  Making an opening into the mystery of all I don’t know—which is sizable—and inviting, expecting, something I haven’t even dreamed of feels profoundly magical.

My new mantra is:  expect the unexpected!  So go ahead and give my new mantra a try.  Say out loud, “I expect the unexpected today—in the very best way.”  I’d love to hear from you as your thoughts and feelings matter to me.